logoMIB Alumni Association is the official Association of all the graduates from the MIB School of Management courses and Masters. It is a continuously growing and dynamic community where the experiences of its members reflect the ongoing evolution of the school and its programmes. The MIB Alumni Association boasts over 2600 Alumni from over 80 countries around the globe. This strongly networked community helps to develop training, cultural initiatives and leisure activities involving all MIB graduates. The association thrives through the support, ideas and initiatives of its members, and the proactive collaboration of MIB Trieste School of Management.

I proudly serve the Association as President since January 2015.

I am delighted to officially announce the new MIB Alumni association pages on Linkedin & Facebook. Our goal is to provide our members, friends and visitors an easier way to receive updates and insights about our Association, our initiatives, events, but also to share job opportunities, news about us, and more. New pages are interactive and give better access to expand our network within our community. You can now find us at:

Linkedin & Facebook

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