MIB Alumni assembly

On Saturday 12th December 2015 in Trieste the MIB Alumni Assembly will take place. The Annual Assembly is a body of MIB Alumni Association:

 It is made up of all Alumni Members. It annually approves the general guidelines addressing the activities of the Association and the action plan proposed by the Governing Council. The Assembly also issues resolutions  on the items placed on the agenda by the President. The Assembly is convened at least once a year.

It is an important moment for the Association because all Alumni meet up to discuss activities done during the year, gather feedback, propose activities for the new year.

The Association represents every member and its main purposes are:

  • Helping Alumni to keep in touch.
  • Strengthening the relationship between Alumni and the School.
  • Promoting lifelong learning and ongoing professional development after graduation.
  • Developing an active and structured community for professional networking and for the exchange of entrepreneurial and managerial ideas.

Being an active member of the association brings opportunities for personal and professional development. Make yourself proactive to this community of professionals, managers and entrepreneurs!

Being a leader nowadays means being relevant in our communities, and for this to happen, it is essential to give: this is the essence of networking and of being a leader todayWe all know this is the era of the sharing economy: this also means  being active and selfless to a community, which is our Association, being able to share some of our time and energies to maintain and build relationships. We are in the era in which the success of any project, including your project and your success, is driven by relationships. Since any relationship is based on giving”, who will be successful in the future will be those who knew how to give intelligently and constructively, building and expanding their network.

If you cannot attend the Assembly at MIB School in Trieste, a video streaming will be available on the website www.mib.edu.

In the evening, at 7pm, all Alumni are invited to join a MIB Alumni toast at:

BOLLICINE | Piazza Sant’Antonio Nuovo, 2 – Trieste

We will drink to the New Year together with a glass of wine, some appetizers and some great friends!

If you wish to join the Aperitif please register at the eventbrite. 

Look forward to seeing you in Trieste!

Alessandra Lomonaco

President MIB Alumni Association