Sometimes I remind myself when I first chose MIB as my business education partner.

I go back to my first day, the Ferdinandeo Palace, the people around me, some of who have become friends that I would not leave for anything in the world, laughs, intense days, commitment and that emotional roller coaster ride of a graduation ceremony. I ask myself “and what now?” How can we cement those precious memories?

It is for these reasons that I would love you to join me at the 2015 Reunion: THE MORE WE ARE, THE MORE WE GAIN. Again!
We will not miss out on anything: news, smiles, knowledge, experiences, links, parties, sports, arts, history, beach, friendship, tasty food, wine…and espresso, of course!

We will learn more on how to boost a smart international career: Mrs Anna Favini Robertson (Consultant and Member of the Board of Directors of the Association of MBAs – AMBA) will focus on projecting a credible and consistent image and on achieving your objectives in a global job marketplace.
We will also share some challenging Alumni case-histories.

We will have the chance to run, have dinner in the beautiful Piazza Unità, under the stars in front of the sea, play soccer, visit Muggia and have lunch in the sun before leaving for our respective homes.
To help us better organize the Reunion, please get in touch with your classmates and apply asap through our website:
Back to Class, Back to Trieste: in the true Spirit of MIB, be there!

Thank you,

Alessandra Lomonaco

President, MIB Alumni Association